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The SOHAM Group of Companies is engaged 100% Export & Import oriented business. The company exports large quantity of waste materials like; Fly Ash, Phospho-Gypsum, Granulated Slag, which are highly polluted materials in   large Industries. These materials are treated as Raw materials of Cement Industries, Ready Mix Plant and also have utility as the filler for manufacturing Fertilizers.  The Dry Fly Ash collected from different Thermal Power Plants in West Bengal and outside West Bengal in eco-friendly pneumatic system through Bulk Carriers and loaded onto Ships & Barges by using mechanized system pipe lines to avoid pollution.
The Phospho-Gypsum & Granulated Slag also are waste of major Fertilizers & Steel Industries in India. These wastes are used as the basic Raw materials of Cement Industries. Sometimes, the Phospho-Gypsum are used in Agriculture Sector to remove the Soil Toxicity & Stickiness and also increased the water holding capacity of Soil for fertility. The most of the Cultivators are using the Phospho-Gypsum those are cultivating nearest to Sea shore area.